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May 19, 2017

No Wishes left, but you still can live "Happily Ever After"! Heroic things happening at California Adventure! Marvelous things happening on the open sea! And lessons learned by one young world traveler.


Parker Byrd – Chris Laning
Erin Dole – Paige Laning

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No Wishes Left, but you still can live Happily Ever After, Heroic things happening at California Adventure, Marvelous things happening on the open sea, and lessons learned by one young world traveller.

Hello and welcome to the May 15th edition of “Guest Room” on ENN, the Ears News Network, bringing you Disney news you won’t believe…..and probably shouldn’t. I’m your host, Erin Dole, Enn’s Disney cruise line expert

PARKER: And I’m Parker Byrd. But Erin there is no need for specific titles at ENN

ERIN: I just want to feel more important to ENN.

PARKER: Erin, you ARE important to ENN.

ERIN: Aw, thanks but I am still using that title.

PARKER: OK then....Last Thursday, May 11th marked a bittersweet occasion for Disney park fans. It was the final performance of Wishes, the nighttime fireworks show at the Magic Kingdom in the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando. Wishes ran some 13+ years, debuting on October 9th, 2003, which means it was seen...about…

ERIN: Wait Parker….I got this. Let’s see May 11th, 2017 minus October 9, 2003, subtract a bunch for rainouts and park hurricane closures, add a half dozen or so for some double show nights they ran around Christmas in 2007....carry the January….and we come up with approximately 4,873…. give or take a dozen...or two.

PARKER: Jiminy Cricket! That’s a lot!

ERIN: Really Parker?

PARKER: While the ending of Wishes was a sad day for many, it made way for a brand new fireworks show.

“Happily Ever After” made its debut last Friday, May 12th to the excitement of many. This new show combining fireworks and unbelievable projection mapping on Cinderella's Castle and surrounding spires stunned the crowd.

Let me tell you, to be there in person and experience the excitement, energy, color, technology, fireworks and captivating soundtrack...well it is an indescribable experience!

ERIN: Wait! Parker! You were there????

PARKER: On what we get paid? No way. I watched it on YouTube. Which is why it is….

TOGETHER: indescribable experience.

ERIN: I see what you did there Parker

PARKER: You’re learning rookie. Disney Parks live streamed the opening night to eager fans who could not be there. But in case you didn’t see it I will keep the rest of the story spoiler-free.

ERIN: Good idea.

PARKER: As I said, the show makes tremendous use of the projection mapping technology. Some amazing digital effects and animation bring the castle to life! The show celebrates music and characters from some of the greatest Disney movies of all time.

ERIN: Which ones?

PARKER: Can’t tell you...spoiler-free..remember?

ERIN: Right.

PARKER: I can say though that while there are still some great fireworks

ERIN: Ooh...any new ones?

PARKER: Can’t say…

TOGETHER: Spoiler-free…

ERIN: Oh….but you CAN confirm there were fireworks in it?

PARKER: Yes Erin, I CAN confirm that there were fireworks in the FIREWORKS show. But, as I was saying before I was rudely interrupted, the projection mapping, in my humble opinion, was clearly the focus of the show.

ERIN: Well that’s new?

PARKER: Projection mapping? Not's been used in several other Disney fireworks shows over the last several years.

ERIN: I know that! What I meant was new was you having a HUMBLE opinion. (Long pause) can continue…….Parker?....

PARKER: I’m ignoring you…..I will say that half way through the show I became quite concerned that I had yet to see Tinker Bell make her appearance and wondered if they had removed that very historical mainstay. (Long pause)

ERIN: Well?

PARKER: Well what?

ERIN: Did Tinker Bell ever appear?????

PARKER: Can’t tell you...its.

ERIN: Spoiler free...I KNOW! I give up! MOVING ON!
ERIN: Over at Disney’s California Adventure Park in the Disneyland Resort in Anaheim California, things are getting quite...heroic as the park prepares for its “Summer of Heroes” celebration.

PARKER: Oooh...sounds delicious?

ERIN: Huh?

PARKER: Only where I come from they are called hoagies.

ERIN: Seriously Parker….they are talking about from the Marvel universe.

PARKER: Oh right...of course. I knew that.

ERIN: Sure you did. Anyway, several awesome experiences will be going on during that time including

  • “Super Hero Encounters” which will allow guests to come face to face with heroes like Star Lord, First Avenger, Captain America, Spider Man, Black Widow and even Groot.
  • “Avengers Training Initiative” which will allow young recruits to see if they have what it takes to be Avengers
  • “Guardians of the Galaxy: Awesome Dance Off!” Where Star Lord will “fire up his old-school boom box to get the party started” It promises to be a “rock ‘n’ roll bash”
  • And the pièce de résistance, “Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission Breakout!” In it guests help Rocket get his pals out of the Collector’s Fortress. The attraction comes complete with randomized ride sequences.

Now, the randomized sequences will include music from the late sixties through really early 80’s. The songs include:

  • “Hit Me With Your Best Shot” by Pat Benatar
  • “Give Up The Funk” by Parliament
  • “Born To Be Wild” by Steppenwolf
  • “I Want You Back” by The Jackson 5
  • “Free Ride” by The Edgar Winter Group
  • And “Burning Love” by Elvis Presley

Now Disney claims their imagineers started with a list of over 100 songs and whittled them down to these six.

As an exclusive, ENN has learned the names some of the songs that just missed the cut. Great songs like:

  • Don’t Worry Be Happy
  • Feelings
  • Walking on Sunshine
  • Playground in my Mind

PARKER: Hey! I like that one.

ERIN: You would.

  • Pretty Woman
  • Karma Chameleon
  • And of course, the most insipid ear worm of all time….mmmBop.

Oh….and given the attraction’s past as the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror, Disney Imagineers thought it would also be a good idea to remove from the list the song….The Final Countdown. What do you think of that one Parker?

PARKER: Mmmbop, ba duba dop ba du bop


PARKER: you said….insipid….back after this!

(Fauxmercial begins)

ANNOUNCER: Imagine a world where you can walk, run, and play with creatures you once thought impossible.

WOMAN 1: Ah, isn't he cute?

ANNOUNCER: Where majestic beasts you previously only read about stand before you in vivid  living color.

MAN 1: Ah, you're a good girl aren't you?

ANNOUNCER: But this world has a darker side.

MAN 2:  Wait, you made a new one? That doesn't seem like a good idea!

ANNOUNCER: One that turns this fantastic dreamland, into a horrific  nightmare!

DISPATCHER: 911, what’s your emergency?

WOMAN 2: I'm being chased by a creature.

DISPATCHER:  Can you describe it?

WOMAN 2: It's big, tall, has spots, and a giant ugly purple tongue!

(animal yell is heard)

ANNOUNCER: Giraffic World. A new interactive nighttime experience. Coming soon to Disney's Animal Kingdom. Giraffic World is copyrighted by Disney. Any similarity to a Universal property is purely intentional.

(Fauxmerical ends)

ERIN: Welcome back to ENN, the Ears News Network.

The Disney Cruise Line currently has a Star Wars Day at sea which is only on select cruises each year. Last year the Disney Cruise Line announced a new Marvel Day at Sea. This was to only happen on the seven cruises on the Disney Magic which are leaving from New York City in the fall of 2017. But recently DCL announced that it will also happen on an additional 8 cruises on the Disney Magic that depart from Miami in early 2018.

This event will also be accompanied by special viewings of certain Marvel movies and special Character meet and greets.

ENN has also learned that there will be themed decoration overlays to the ship’s restaurants.

We contacted the same designer that gave us the information on the forthcoming Granny’s “Once Upon a Line Diner” to get insight on some amazing designs being added to the restaurants for this special night. While the decor will change significantly, to avoid confusing guests Disney has opted to keep the restaurant names the same.

Animator’s Palate will be themed after Captain America. The much beloved changing walls will start the evening reflecting Captain America’s time during World War II before shifting into a significantly long icy period, and ultimately show scenes of his time with the Avengers and Iron Man.

Hulk will appear at Lumiere’s, the normally Beauty and Beast themed restaurant. That’s not right.

Thor will make his appearance in Cariocas where the South American themed restaurant will take on the look of the American Southwest.

And not surprisingly,  Palo, the adult-exclusive restaurant, will feature Deadpool.

While I am glad that they are giving Marvel its proper due, I think these restaurant themes are tenuous at best. Besides, this seems like a big renovation for only 15 select cruises, don’t you think so Parker?

PARKER: Well it does seem STRANGE that they would take on such COLOSSAL and DAREDEVIL changes as by going ROGUE they might create a STORM of FURY against them. But I guess they wanted to create that MARVELous X factor.

ERIN: Seriously Parker? It's like you Googled a bunch of Marvel names and strung them together for that joke! You're not going to fool me with your... Comic con.

PARKER: (long pause)....Nicely played rookie!

PARKER: And finally, Duffy B. a cast member who works in World Showcase in EPCOT at the World Disney World Resort in Orlando emailed “Guest Room” to tell us this cute story. He was working the KidCot Fun Stop in the Mexican pavilion one day and was helping an 8 year old guest who was coloring. Duffy asked her how many of the stops she had visited.

The girl held out her fingers and started counting. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven…..eight, nine….and ten. Ten!

“Wow!”,  Duffy said, “That means you did them all! A complete trip around the world. Did you learn anything?”.

“Uh huh” replied the girl, whose eyes were slowly closing as she stifled a yawn.

“What’s the biggest fact you learned today?” , he asked.

The girls eyes flew open, her face got serious. She grabbed his arm and leaned in to whisper. “It’s not a SMALL world after all!”

ERIN: You just had to get one more ear worm in didn’t you?!?
PARKER: And that’s all for this edition of ENN’s “Guest Room”. If you would like to comment on this episode or would like to send along a news story for us to look into drop us an email at

You can listen to this and future episodes by finding us in the iTunes store and on Stitcher, just search on Ears News Network. Details can be found on the “How to Listen” page at There you can find links to our Facebook page and Twitter account as well.

So until next time, for me Parker Byrd.

ERIN: And me, Erin Dole, thanks for listening to the Ears News Network, the mistrusted name in Disney news. Goodbye everybody.

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